Portland Chinese Language School | 中文學校

School History

With long-standing history, the Portland Chinese Language School was established in 1901 by Oregon Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association CCBA. Since then, numerous students and people from all walks of life have studied and learned Chinese from the Chinese school. Over the years, generations after generations, many respectable teachers, who made great devotion and contribution, dedicated their time to promote Chinese culture and teach the Chinese language. The school has always been in Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association building in Portland China Town, in order to provide better traffic access and attract more students who are eager to learn and study Chinese culture and languages, the school was relocated to the second floor of Mt Scott Hall within the campus of PCC (Portland Community College) (Address: 2305 SE 82nd and Division, Portland, OR 97216), the roomy classrooms are equipped with advanced educational facilities for both the students and the teachers..


Teach and promote Chinese language and culture. Help the students and the Portlanders who love Chinese culture to learn Chinese and understand China’s 5000 years history and traditional culture.

Teacher Qualification

Teachers are selected from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. These are well disciplined and experienced teachers, they all trained to teach Chinese to the CSL (Chinese As a second langue) Students.

Teaching Goals

Cultivate and develop students’ skills to comprehend, read, write and speak Chinese. Elementary class students are taught to learn vocabulary and carry simple conversation; advanced class students are trained to have basic skill to comprehend and write Chinese. Credits earned can be transferred to other public schools.


1. Cantonese class: There are elementary and advanced classes, both classes are taught in Chinese simplified and traditional characters.
2. Mandarin Class: From kindergarten through 7th grade, there are eight classes, all classes are taught in Chinese simplified characters.

For additional information and questions, please email the principal Jing Qui Zhu (Ann)(annzhu1110@yahoo.com) , she will return answer as soon as possible.


我校始建於1901年,擁有百年悠久歷史,由俄勒岡州中華會館創立。一百多年來,無數各界人士學生時期 都曾就讀于砵崙中華學校學習中文。同時,為教授中文、傳承中華文化,一代又一代中文教師做出了巨大貢獻。原校址位於波特蘭唐人街中心,為方便更多喜歡中文及中華文化的學生學習中文,現搬遷於交通便利的 PCC(Portland Community College) (地址:2305 SE 82nd and Division, Portland, OR 97216)校園內,租用了一棟教學樓 (Mt. Scott Hall) 第二層的全部教室。寬敞、明亮的教室,先進的多媒體設施,方便教師授課、學生學習使用。









如果有問題請聯絡朱竞秋校长 Jing qiu zhu(Ann)(annzhu1110@yahoo.com). 她會及时給你回复。