CCBA Language School – Staff Biographies

CCBA School Principal

Cuijun Kong  孔翠君




Kong graduated from South China Normal University with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She also has extensive education and teaching experience in Chinese language in China. She is good at Chinese language teaching and management as well as committed to creating a Chinese language school where “students enjoy learning and teachers enjoy teaching”. A language is a communication tool, a cultural bearer, and a dynamic for thinking. We are committed to providing students with a strong emotional and cultural bond in Chinese language learning, and the charm of multilingualism and multiculturalism!


Lyann Tan   谭爱莲




Tan is passionate about education and has developed her own teaching style. She has been teaching children and youth education for 5 years. Every teacher, every adult, should squat down and talk to children. The greatest consolation is to cultivate people who are grateful.


Fannie Ou   区艳芬




Ou is serious and innovative in education and has considerable teaching experience. She is good at teaching students according to their abilities, and her classes are lively and interesting. She will achieve her goal with love, enthusiasm, and dedication: to be a good teacher recognized by the students!


Fengxia Liu    刘凤霞




Liu is good at using interesting materials and creating a fun classroom atmosphere so that children can realize that Chinese is interesting and that learning Chinese is not difficult; so that they can break through the literacy barrier without realizing it; and so that they can appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language contained in the ordinary words and lines.


Ruyu Yan颜如玉


毕业于波特兰州立大学,从教多年,教学经验丰富。从教以来用心经营着教育,用爱温暖童心。 永远用欣赏的眼光看待学生,永远用宽容的心态面对学生。


Yan graduated from Portland State University, has been teaching for many years with rich teaching experience. She has managed education with heart and warmed the innocence with love. She always looks at students with an appreciative eye, and always faces students with a tolerant attitude.