May is Asian Heritage Month


Here are the following upcoming events

 to participate and celebrate our heritage


  1. Wednesday April 27
    1. By popular demand, our Rise against Hate billboard is back up on the side of the CCBA building, come take a look…
    2. =Rise Against Hate Billboard=


  1. Wednesday May 4
    1. Attend the Portland City Council Asian Heritage Proclamation event May 4 at 10:05 am online…. =City Council Asian Heritage month Proclamation link=
    2. Opening speech by Subashini Ganesan, a creative artist and leader in the community and past Creative Laureate of Portland. Performances by Teva Oriata (Tahitian dance troupe) and Rose City Escrima (Filipino Martial Arts).


  1. Saturday, May 7
    1. Dragon parade… come to Chinatown to celebrate Asian Heritage month to participate in the Portland Chinatown history museum dragon parade starting at the CCBA at 10am. Fireworks and parade starts at the CCBA building.
    2. =2022 PCM Dragon Dance Parade flyer=


  1. Friday, May 13
    1. Portland Chinese Senior Highschool Scholarship application deadline is May 13. Log into our CCBA website to get the application form, (or use your phone to scan the QR code on top of this newsletter…)
    2. =PCSF Scholarships and application for high school Seniors=



  1. Saturday, May 14
    1. Rise above hate Chinatown event…all of Chinatown will celebrate Asian heritage month and promote the Rise above Hate event. Food vendors and various businesses will be participating. Entertainment will be performed throughout Chinatown at Lansu Garden, 4th street, Davis and Flanders festival streets. FYI we will open our CCBA museum for this event. Email if you would like to volunteer to help us out at this event.
    2. =Rise above Hate flyer 2022=



  1. Interested in Community service with the Chinese Community? Contact CCBA and participate in one of our committees…
    1. Community outreach
    2. Development (membership, marketing, fundraising)
    3. Cultural Activities
    4. High School Graduation committee
    5. Scholarship Foundation Committee
    6. History and Museum Committee
    7. Election committee
    8. Building and maintenance committee
    9. Summer Picnic committee
    10. Chinese New year committee
      1. Email us at


The CCBA supports these traditional Chinese organizations:

·        Bing Kong Tong

·        Hip Sing Tong

·        Hop Sing Tong

·        Suey Sing Tong


Family Associations:
·        Gee How Oak Tin Association

·        Hoy Yin Association

·        Lung Kong Association

·        Portland Lee’s Association

·        Soo Yuen Association

·        Wong Family Association


Focus Organizations:
·        Chinese American Citizens Alliance

·        Chinese Scientists, Engineers, and Professionals Association

·        Yat Sing Music Club


Chinatown Partners:
·        Lansu Chinese Garden

·        Portland Chinatown Museum

·        Oregon Chinese Coalition

·        Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

·        Red Robe Tea House

·        Golden Horse Restaurant

·        Chen’s Good Taste

·        Siren Theater

·        Old Town Community Association