Oregon CCBA stands for Oregon Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, is a nonprofit organization for the Chinese community, serving all Chinese people living in the Portland and greater Oregon region through its education and cultural appreciation programs. The CCBA Building is a shared resource for all Chinese people, no matter where they come from. It’s mission is to strengthen ties within the Chinese Community toward the common goal of improving the greater community as a whole.


The mission of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) is to serve the Chinese community. CCBA strives to provide programs in support of its core values; promote and preserve Chinese culture, respect and honor ancestors, advance educational opportunities, promote civic engagements and advocate for social justice.


Teach and promote Chinese language and culture. Help the students and the Portlanders who love Chinese culture to learn Chinese and understand Chinese’s 5000 years history and traditional culture.

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CCBA SCHOLARSHIPS administered by the Portland Chinese Scholarship Foundation

CCBA established the Chinese scholarship program in 1963.  The scholarship committee raised $6,500. from local Chinese businesses and individuals to fund the program.  The first CCBA scholastic achievement awards were handed out to the Chinese graduating seniors.  In 1965, in order to award only the high school graduates of Chinese descent, the Portland Chinese Scholarship Foundation was formed to administer the scholarships.  The original scholarships were $100.   designated to students with all around achievements. Every year, the CCBA hosts a dinner to honor the graduates and encourage them to apply for the scholarships.  CCBA is proud to offer two scholarships administered by the Portland Chinese Scholarship Foundation.

Applications to the CCBA scholarships, in addition to PCSF’s large list of scholarships are available at the PCSF website link provided here:


The museum resides on the uppermost fourth floor of the historic CCBA building, which was built in 1911 by the local Chinese merchants and community and is listed on the National Historic Register.

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The Oregon Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association was formed to assist Chinese individuals in their struggle with discrimination in employment, business, and citizenship.


Grants and donations funded the Oregon CCBA headquarters renovation.


Chinese-English street signs and Red Lamp posts were installed and decorated with banners depicting the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs, give the entire district a colorful flavor.


The district most distinguishing landmark, the Chinatown Gate opened


Signing agreement with the Portland-Kaoshiung Sister City in Taiwan, a colorful, one-hundred-fifty-foot dragon and four forty-foot Dragon Boats were presented to the Chinese community.


The very first Dragon Boat Races in the United States were held as part of Portland’s Rose Festival in June.


Portland Classical Chinese Garden’s officially opened on September 14.


The Oregon CCBA will continue to fulfill its mission and strengthen ties within the Chinese community and with the community at large. By promoting eduction, cultural appreciation, mutual respect, and understanding, the CCBA works toward these communities common goal of improving the society that we share.